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Wardrobe Insect Repellent 10ml


Softly Woody, Fresh & Natural aromas repel Carpet Beetles, Fish Moths, Cockroaches and Crickets.

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Pure and Natural undiluted Essential Oils of organic Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis ct. Verbenone), Clove (Syzigium aromaticum), Cedarwood (Cedrus atlantica) and Peppermint (Mentha piperita).


Do not take internally or use undiluted on skin. Keep out of reach of children and away from eyes. Store in a cool, dark place. Avoid use during Pregnancy.


Drop 10 – 20 drops of Essential Oil onto a lavender bag or cotton wool and hang in the wardrobe or place on a shelf. Repeat once a month. Adding 10 to 20 drops to 10ml Carrier Oil will help to fix the aroma so that it lasts longer. Consider using a light carrier oil that has a mild scent and good stability, such as fractionated coconut oil, sweet almond oil, or jojoba oil. These oils are less likely to stain clothing or fabrics and will help dilute the essential oils for safer use in your wardrobe. You may also wish to add 60 drops to 10ml of water. Shake well and spray cupboards.